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Negotiating 30 years of robotics development experience with architectural and urban planning thinking.


Founded with a background in robotics engineers, AI specialists, architects, and conceptual designers. We strive to unlock the gateways to commercial drone logistics. 

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Dr Dennis Majoe
Managing Director

David Majoe
Technical Director

David Park
Design Director

Our Specialists

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Tom Vhass clear_edited.png
Alex Henderson v2_edited.jpg

Alex Murray
Senior Aeronautical Engineer

Tom Hvass
Robotics and Electronics Development Engineer

Alex Henderson
UAS Robotics Engineer

Malolan Venkataraghavan
Robotics Development Engineer

Tom Field_edited.jpg
Daniel James_edited.jpg

Tom Field
Junior Robotics Engineer

Tyler Clark
AI Engineer

William Lam
AI Engineer

Daniel James
Digital Media Specialist

Join Inteliports

We are always looking for new talent.

At Inteliports, we value collaboration, and an eagerness to innovate through cross disciplinary thinking. We are always on the look out for bright minds in robotics, electronics, mechatronics, A.I, software, industrial design, architecture, or engineering. If you are interested in joining our growing team, please apply prospectively below.

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